No one achieves success alone. Too often the journey feels lonely and difficult to navigate. At
Belay Advisory, Partners Richard Felice and Siddharth Soin understand the tricky terrain that
makes up the financial landscape and pride themselves on roping up to help clients navigate its

We’ve been there ourselves; having built Belay from the ground up out of the desire to deliver a
seamlessly integrated accounting and wealth management service for founders, executives and
private business and family groups.

With a burning passion to enable more Australians to ditch financial silos, we are firm believers
that you shouldn’t need to involve multiple individuals and firms in your business and wealth.
We have developed strategic partnerships with the best, such as investment specialists and
lawyers, to help support your vision and keep your team small.

Belay was purpose-built to deliver this integrated approach with Sid’s background in Business
and accounting and Richard’s in wealth management combining to provide an effective and
efficient service that approaches finance holistically.

Richard states, ‘In establishing Belay, there were things that we thought we could offer that are
not currently being delivered well by others. The first is the seamless integration between tax
and wealth management services. Many firms are starting to move down this path however are
a reasonable way behind those that have been ‘built that way’. We’ve taken the approach to
work side by side for 15 years and that’s the only way we know. We’ll take meetings together
and collaborate to get the best outcome for the client. We also incorporate the technology that
gives the client a holistic view of their information.’

Mr Felice also makes comment about working successfully with the next generation or the
stewards of the family wealth. ‘Our view is that there are some that can connect with the next
generation, the 30 and 40 somethings, and service the generational gap and some that can’t.
This may be due to a number of reasons, such as valuing efficiency and transparency in the
same way, introducing new technology or even just having kids that are the same age.’
Sid echoes Richard’s view ‘For us it’s personal. We’re driven by relationships and connection,
while still making sure we provide savvy business, tax and wealth management advice we use
in our own lives.

Both founders remain deeply embedded in the day-to-day operations of the business and
devoted to the success of clients.

Driven by the same passion that saw them take the plunge and start the business, Belay has
never aspired to become the biggest player in the game. Rather, we seek to build business
relationships that are more like friendships – personal and long-lasting, with integrity and
honesty at the core.

To achieve this, our approach is simple: we take the time to understand the challenges you’re
facing (from both a personal and business perspective) before helping you map out the best
route to the top. Then, we provide the attentive urgency that is critical to ensuring you stick to
the course.

From the ground to the mountain peak, this involves:

  • Understand and help define your objectives.
  • Work with you to develop a plan.
  • Share knowledge, skills, and expertise to empower you.
  • Refine the plan along the journey.
  • Leverage our network of specialists.

You won’t be able to tell where your business ends, and Belay begins.