Get to your why. Plot the lines. Head up.

Belay connects the business and the personal.

We are specialist advisors for founders, business people and family offices.


Born out of passion. Ignited by the mind.
Delivered by Founders

The future is always painted in the mind first. This is the founders’ mentality. We’re here to help support the vision, provide the connection to specialist knowledge and make growth happen.

Business people

Mindset shapes attitude. Plans deliver goals.
People shape business.

Scaling heights in business is about mindset. No matter if you’re just kicking-off, making good headway, or well down the path on your business journey, from owners to industry leaders, we’re on tap to help you get clear about the goals, deliver expert knowledge and achieve both personal and business growth.

Family offices

Enduring decisions. Strategic approach.
Family harmony.

Family wealth can be traced through generations of enduring decision making, smarts and strategic planning. The Family Office is the institution that protects, distributes and underpins future prosperity. We consult, leverage business friendships and connect you to advice that ensures the family legacy and harmony for generations to follow.

We rope up with clients & understand the challenges they are facing.

Strategy and way-finding maps are critical to the big picture but without the energy and follow through are just bits of worthless paper. We deliver our advice with positive vibes and attentive urgency.

Strategic Advice

First we focus on your goals, both personally and in your business or career. Then we develop a plan to align personal and business objectives and keep them on track.

Our approach

  • Identify what’s important to you
  • Help shape your end game and define business and personal success
  • Establish appropriate structures
  • Undertake cashflow and asset forecasting
  • Consider risk planning, including insurance, estate planning and governance requirements
  • Develop KPI’s
  • Partner with you to stay focused on the end game and address unique challenges

Wealth Management

Financial Accounts & Tax Returns

Complying with the complex rules and regulations of the endless list of tax implications can be a massive headache for any business. Not only that, but it can dramatically affect your bottom line.

We look to guide you through this complex maze while taking care to minimise the impact tax has on your numbers and your psyche. We handle the small details across areas like SMSF, FBT and BAS, all the way up to large family groups, tax audits and consolidations.

Private Wealth

Your investment and superannuation portfolio should be invested in line with a level of risk you’re comfortable with but also with a focus on achieving your goals. With an ever-changing landscape and a vast array of options, we help navigate toward the solutions that best suit you.


We help you protect what you’ve built both personally and within your business. We specialise in helping you with:


Life, Total & Permanent Disability,
Income Protection, Trauma


Key Person, Buy/Sell,
Business Expenses

Family Office

Intergenerational wealth planning and governance

We work closely with families to establish, implement and manage appropriate investment strategies for intergenerational wealth planning, enabling families to achieve their wider objectives, including any philanthropic goals. This includes collaborating with their other advisers.

We can also play a vital role within the family’s investment committee to ensure that any investment decisions remain aligned to the strategy.

Private Wealth and Insurance services are provided by Belay Wealth Pty Ltd trading as Belay Advisory as an Authorised Representative of Lonsdale Financial Group Limited 

  • Forward thinking.
  • Insightful approach.
  • Good vibes.

The path ahead is not made of straight lines. Our advice acknowledges that life can take twists and turns as does business. We see no line in the sand between work and personal, as this distinction has blurred so must the approach to wealth and business advisory.

We chase ‘why’, make plans for the future and track you across all aspects of commerce to deliver the future you deserve.

  • Personal & business.
  • Roped together.
  • Plans synced.